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Our Story

I started Air of Grace because I was sick of spending ridiculous amounts for candles that were not worth the money I was paying.

I’ve always had an interest in creating things to share with others. From handmade gift cards to photo albums and homemade brownies. There is something immensely rewarding from giving gifts that you create.

That is how Air of Grace came about. I have created scent combinations that I love, but also want you to be able to do the same. You’ll notice that the scents I have developed have their own story. Each of my scents has been created from an experience that I’ve had.

I can’t wait to hear your stories…

Sarah x

Hand Poured in Melbourne

"I’m on my second jar of this scent, it’s so refreshing amongst all the sickly sweet flavours out there.
Hand poured and prettily wrapped, a beautiful product."


"It is the best feeling ever to come home and the house has the Air of Grace. Great way to liven up a room."